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URSI Individual Membership

Why URSI Individual Membership

Individual Membership of URSI has been established to secure professional recognition of radio scientists and to establish better connection with URSI Headquarters and Member Committees.

URSI Fellow, URSI Member and URSI Corresponding Member grades have been established with common benefits. These include:

  1. Reduced registration fees for all Individual Members at URSI Flagship Meetings.
  2. Reduced registration fees for URSI Fellows and Members at some meetings organised by IEEE AP-S and EuCAP.
  3. A page charge reduction from 175 USD to 150 USD for papers published in the URSI journal, Radio Science Letters.
  4. Access to the programme and proceedings of all URSI organized and, where possible, URSI sponsored meetings.
  5. E-mail notification of the availability of the electronic edition of the URSI Radio Science Bulletin.
  6. A certificate of membership.

Fellowship is by invitation only; Membership can be by invitation or application. Corresponding Membership is a streamlined, instant process.

For Whom


An URSI Fellow (to be referred to as Fellow and abbreviated to FURSI):

  1. Will be by invitation.
  2. Will be offered to all who have served as a Commission Chair, a member of the Board, as an Assistant Secretary General, or as an Honorary President.
  3. Will be offered to all URSI Senior Prize winners.


An Individual Member (to be referred to as Member and abbreviated to MURSI):

  1. Will be offered to members of the URSI Council, Official Members (being Member Committee representatives to the Commissions) and Officers of Working Groups, without further supporting evidence.
  2. Otherwise, will have a PhD (or equivalent degree) or an MSc (or equivalent degree) with significant research experience or equivalent professional experience in radio science. Allowances can be made in cases where useful contributions to radio science (e.g., through education or research) have been made outside of professional experience.
  3. And will have a sufficient number of publications in any radio science discipline to demonstrate technical or scientific competence (typically, this would be a minimum of five publications). Allowances will be made for fewer articles of special significance, or in cases where a candidate’s employment may restrict open publication.
  4. And will show evidence of involvement with URSI, typically in the form of presentations at URSI GASS, AT-RASC or AP-RASC, or conferences organized by URSI Member Committees or other contributions to URSI (eg Working Group contributions, articles for the Radio Science Bulletin).
  5. And will show evidence of scientific maturity and leadership.

URSI retains the right to rescind this honour if advised to do so by the candidate’s Member Committee and after due consideration by the Board.

Corresponding Members

  1. A candidate can apply to become a Corresponding Member if he or she wants to be connected with URSI and take advantage of the individual membership benefits but is not yet ready to apply to become a Member or a Fellow (for example students, early career candidates, or newcomers to URSI).
  2. On application, election will take immediate effect, but URSI retains the right to rescind this honour if advised to do so by the candidate’s Member Committee and after due consideration by the Board.
  3. Selection as a Corresponding Member shall normally be with the expectation that the candidate will apply or be nominated for URSI Fellowship or Membership in due course.
  4. Candidates for Membership automatically become Corresponding Members while their application is being evaluated.
  5. Corresponding Membership will be for a period of four years at which point the Corresponding Member will be invited to apply for Membership or renew Corresponding Membership. Membership will be encouraged if the candidate meets the criteria.

Those who believe they meet the criteria for automatic Fellowship and Membership should contact URSI info@URSI.org . If you have only recently met the criteria for automatic Fellowship or Membership, then please wait until two months have elapsed after a GASS with the expectation that this will be processed automatically.

Membership and Corresponding Membership applications may be made using the online forms.

Corresponding Membership applications may be also implemented into the abstract/paper submission online forms for the URSI flagship meetings or into registration online forms for these meetings.


Processing schedule for individual membership applications

A. URSI Member applications

The URSI Member applications are processed on a fixed semi-annual schedule with two deadlines: 1 March and 1 September. The fixed processing time is 6 months from the deadline (this delay can be exceptionally extended to 1 year):

  1. All applications received in a 6 months period between 2 September and 1 March or 2 March and 1 September, respectively, are collected by the secretariat and sent in one batch to Member committees (or commissions) within two weeks, it means by 15 March or 15 September.
  2. Responses from Member committees (or commissions) are expected within 3.5 months of time, it means before 30 June or 31 December.  If no reaction is received then the applications are considered automatically endorsed. The reaction time can be exceptionally extended to 9.5 months by a written note sent within the original delay (3.5 months) by a Member committee (or commission) to the secretariat.
  3. Results are sent by the secretariat to the Board within 2 weeks, it means by 15 July or 15 January.
  4. Responses from Board expected in 1 month, before 15 August or 15 February, if no reaction reactions are received then the applications are considered automatically approved.
  5. Candidates are informed by the Secretariat and certificates are sent within 2 weeks, it means before 1 September or 1 March.

B. URSI Corresponding member applications

On application, election will take immediate effect.

  1. The applicant becomes URSI Corresponding member immediately after (s)he applies via the online form or by ticking a box during the abstract/paper submission process.
  2. Board, as well as the concerned Member committee and Commission are informed by the secretariat within 2 weeks.

C. Revoking URSI membership (Corresponding members, Individual Members, and Fellows)

Fixed processing time is 2 months.

  1. Member committee may submit a veto concerning an URSI Corresponding member, URSI Member, or URSI Fellow - with substantiation - at any time.
  2. This is sent by the secretariat to the Board within 2 weeks, then it is approved or reversed by the Board within 4 weeks (approved if no response).
  3. The result (including the substantiation) is then communicated to the concerned URSI Corresponding member, URSI Member, or URSI Fellow and to the concerned Member committee by the secretariat within 2 weeks.

Request Form

If you think you qualify, please fill in all the tabs and fields marked with a (*) and then submit your application in the last tab.
You will get a copy of this email to which you may then send an additional CV in PDF format

Personal information

(Required for URSI Corresponding Membership application and for URSI Membership application)
Professional Title Mr / Mrs / Ms. / Miss / Dr. / Prof. / Other
First name *
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Career information

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Education *
Curriculum Vitae *
5 most significant papers *
Other relevant information

URSI Interests

Select all of the URSI Commissions of your interest

Commission A - Electromagnetic Metrology
Commission B - Fields and waves
Commission C - Radiocommunication Systems and Signal Processing
Commission D - Electronics and Photonics
Commission E - Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
Commission F - Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
Commission G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
Commission H - Waves in Plasmas
Commission J - Radio Astronomy
Commission K - Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

URSI Involvement

(Only for URSI Membership applications)

Yes, I confirm to have read the statement below regarding inclusion of my e-mail address in URSI mailing lists.
By indicating your interests above and by applying for individual membership with URSI, you agree that your e-mail address will be included in URSI mailing lists for distribution of information regarding URSI and its activities in general or regarding the URSI Commissions for which you have indicated your interests. URSI will never forward your e-mail address to any third organisation for any kind of reason and will offer you the possibility to opt out of any of the mailing lists if desired.