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Scientific Commissions

Commission A

Electromagnetic Metrology, Electromagnetic measurements and standards



The commission promotes research and development in the field of measurement standards and physical constants, calibration and measurement methodologies, improved quantification of uncertainty, continued achievement of accuracy and traceability of measurements. Areas of emphasis are:

  • development and refinement of new measurement techniques and calibration standards including techniques for antennas;
  • primary standards including those based on quantum phenomena and the realization and dissemination of time scales and frequency standards;
  • characterization of the electromagnetic properties of materials, physical constants, and the properties of engineered materials, including nanotechnology;
  • methodology of space metrology, electromagnetic dosimetry, and measurements for health diagnostics, and biotechnology, including biosensing;
  • measurements in advanced communication systems and other applications.

The commission fosters accurate and consistent measurements needed to support research, development, and exploitation of electromagnetic technologies across the spectrum and for all commissions.


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