Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale / International Union of Radio Science

URSI Individual Membership


Why URSI Individual Membership

The purpose of individual membership of URSI is to secure professional recognition of individual radio scientists and to establish their better connection with the URSI Board of Officers, Scientific Commissions, and URSI Member Committees. Three categories of individual membership (URSI Corresponding Member, URSI Senior Member and URSI Fellow) have been established.

URSI Corresponding Membership is the first step into the URSI community and provides:

  • access to the proceedings of URSI Flagship Conferences via the website
  • notifications of new editions of URSI publications.

In addition, URSI Senior Members and URSI Fellows benefit from the following:

  • Reduced registration fees at URSI Flagship Meetings.
  • Reduced registration fees at some meetings organised by partnering organisations such as (but not limited to) IEEE AP-S and EuCAP.
  • A page charge reduction from 175 USD to 150 USD for papers published in the URSI journal, Radio Science Letters.
  • An invitation to receive their individual membership certificate at an URSI Flagship meeting.

Fellowship is by invitation only; Senior Membership can be by invitation or application. Corresponding Membership is a streamlined, instant process.

Request form for URSI Senior Membership

If you think you qualify, please fill in all the tabs and fields marked with a (*) and then submit your application in the last tab.

Personal information

(Required for URSI Corresponding Membership application and for URSI Membership application)
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Select all of the URSI Commissions of your interest, both primary and secondary

Commission A - Electromagnetic MetrologyCommission A - Electromagnetic Metrology
Commission B - Fields and wavesCommission B - Fields and waves
Commission C - Radiocommunication Systems and Signal ProcessingCommission C - Radiocommunication Systems and Signal Processing
Commission D - Electronics and PhotonicsCommission D - Electronics and Photonics
Commission E - Electromagnetic Environment and InterferenceCommission E - Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
Commission F - Wave Propagation and Remote SensingCommission F - Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
Commission G - Ionospheric Radio and PropagationCommission G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
Commission H - Waves in PlasmasCommission H - Waves in Plasmas
Commission J - Radio AstronomyCommission J - Radio Astronomy
Commission K - Electromagnetics in Biology and MedicineCommission K - Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

Career information

(Only for URSI Membership applications)
Highest degree PhD / Master of Science / Other:
Date of graduation
5 in peer-reviewed journals *
5 extra publications (major conferences or peer-reviewed journals)
2 publications at URSI Flagship meetings
All three criteria above must be fulfilled to apply for URSI Senior Membership.
Yes, I confirm to have read the statement below regarding inclusion of my e-mail address in URSI mailing lists.
By indicating your interests above and by applying for individual membership with URSI, you agree to:
  • your details being held at URSI Secretariat and used to further the work of URSI;
  • your data being referred to your local URSI Member Committee and URSI Commission(s)
  • future interconnection of the membership database with the abstract/paper submission and meeting registration software used by URSI Secretariat.