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URSI France 2020 Workshop - Future Networks: 5G and beyond



URSI France 2020 Workshop - Future Networks: 5G and beyond


11-13 March 2020


Palaiseau, France


Given the commercial launch of the Fifth Generation of Mobile Radio Networks (5G) in 2020, URSI-France dedicates its annual workshop to such networks and to their future developments, as they are called to transform society in-depth through very innovative uses. With 5G, wireless networks will have been designed for the first time from the outset, with the aim to make possible person-person, person-machine and machine-to-machine communications, giving access to a multitude of services relying on data. The 5G-specific technological developments, the use of millimetre waves, the foreseeable developments that will require extending 5G with a follow-up generation, will continue to stimulate important efforts and new lines of research for both academia and industry. However, as each new generation introduces more complexity and service enrichment, it also raises concerns and fears stemming from the increased number of electromagnetic emission sources, the associated exposure and the energy consumption. It is therefore important to address these various issues in an altogether unbiased vision, at the core of the scientific approach.


Prof. Alain Sibille, Telecom Paris, E-mail : alain.sibille@telecom-paris.fr