Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale / International Union of Radio Science

IRI 2024 Workshop



IRI 2024 Workshop


2-13 September 2024


Kilifi, Kenya


The International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) is an international project sponsored by the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). These organizations formed a Working Group in the late sixties to produce an empirical standard model of the ionosphere, based on all available data sources. Several steadily improved editions of the model have been released. For given location, time and date, IRI provides monthly averages of the electron density, electron temperature, ion temperature, and ion composition in the ionospheric altitude range. The IRI Workshop is open to all interested scientists. We welcome presentations that are IRI-related including comparisons of ground- and space-based data with IRI, improvements and applications of the model, and assimilation of data into IRI to bring it closer to real-time conditions.


Prof. Joseph Olwendo, E-mail: j.olwendo@pu.ac.ke


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